A Little Background of 1983 Bakery..

1983 Bakery was established not too long ago by our passionate, enthusiastic, and devoted baker, Huynh Gia Tuan - who meticulously dedicates all of his love and effort into Mooncake - Tuan’s signature pastry for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

Career by chance is best to describe Tuan’s baking journey as it all started with his curiosity about the luxury of a mooncake, and how he could DIY it at home with basic baking tools. Tuan then experienced the long journey from self-learning step-by-step to make the mooncake, to perfecting every phase of the progress to create his own signature mooncakes. With such great passion, Tuan successfully creates beautiful, delicious mooncakes after many failed batches as the making of the mooncakes is not easy, and giving up is not Tuan’s cup of tea. So that is how he is here presenting his heart and soul pastry for our Mid-Autumn Festival - Tuan’s signature mooncakes.
In case you didn’t know, Tuan is an accountant for many hospitals in Southern California. He has a background of calculating numbers, who would have known he would be calculating his own formula to create such beautiful mooncakes, and that is how 1983 Bakery was founded and established spontaneously.
Speaking of love, Tuan shares, “I really don’t know when my curiosity has switched to love, it started too vaguely to realize that. First, I started to spend more time in the kitchen. I even fell in love with little things like my stand mixer and my oven. What in the world, I miss them badly everytime I’m away, and when I get home, I just can’t wait to have a little Valse dance with them to create beautiful pastries. Seriously, I think that is my other definition of love”.
Now let us take you back to passion for a little bit. We all know Tuan is a passionate person with a huge heart. When it comes to baking, quality is always his top-notch requirement. Tuan thinks of his pasties as “art pieces,” and of course, he hopes that his “art pieces” come with great quality and exceptional taste in order to bring his customers closer not only to the pastries, but to his heart.

Do you know what Tuan’s mooncakes tastes like? Easy(but-not-so-easy). Here are some simple but essential ingredients: mungbean, lotus seed, any flavors of jam, dried nuts and flour. To actually taste the mooncake, we have to go through many steps that have to be meticulously calculated; now that is a tricky part of making a mooncake. The ingredients seem to be so simple but the progress is what makes Tuan’s mooncake so unique because it is not easy to make. But don’t you worry! Tuan is ready to dedicate his love and hard work to present his mooncake to you.

During Tuan’s baking journey, his little pastries have received a great amount of love and support from friends and family. Needless to say, they are also the courage for Tuan to continue his passion; and from there he has improved significantly and his pastries are winning over pastries lovers’ hearts throughout not only Orange County, California but also many States in the US.

We are exclusive in both quality and presentation. We always prioritize the diversity of exquisite designs when it comes to our pastries.

Let 1983 Bakery be your Pick-Me-Up because we have the ability to brighten up your taste.
Taste the golden goodness.